A very old penguin picture

The Scott Polar Research Institute have set up an online archive of historic polar exploration photographs called, in a nice little pun, Freeze Frame.

It is from that collection that this picture comes.

Emperor Penguin from Freeze Frame

An Emperor Penguin from 1911.

Taken on April fools day 1911, this is a picture of an Emperor Penguin from 100 years ago: when Britain had an empire, and no-one had reached the south pole. Civilisation has yet to fall prey to World War 1, Communism, Fascism, or X-Factor.

Penguins always cheer me up.

Anyway a hat-tip to Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery whose twitter feed pointed me at the wondeful Freeze Frame.

If you are in Cambridge do have a look inside the museum at the Scott-Polar on Lensfield Road. It is a nicely presented and recently refurbished collection of polar related artefacts. Well worth a visit.


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