A real six-pointer

I write this as I am about to head off to London to watch Arsenal play Bolton in what has become a six pointer at the bottom of the table. I genuinely didn’t expect either club to be doing so badly.

Apparently it is our worst start since 1953. Back then our first five games didn’t include one win, in fact in out first 8 games we didn’t win, and failed to score in the first three. We did turn the season round but only to reach midtable. This was made more embarrassing as we were defending champions having won the league in ’52-53.

That year wasn’t much better than this season. Five games gave us two wins (both 2-1, against Villa and some team called “Manchester Utd”, whatever happened to them…), two draws and a loss. 6 points back then (ok it’d be 8 in current rules).

Anyway I thought I’d look at George Morrell’s record from 1912-3 to cheer me up. For the few who don’t know that was the only year the Gunners have been relegated. After five games the record was W1 D1 L3. Errr… That sounds familiar. It started with a 0-0 draw too. At home to Man Utd! I find it hard to believe the parallels will continue though, in 12/13 Arsenal won the fifth game (3-1 at Sheffield Utd) but didn’t win again until match number 29, beating Man City 1-0 away. For the record the third (and final) league win that year was at home 1-0 v WBA.

And we lost twice to Bolton.

So in summary, we really need a win today.


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