A penguin picture from BMAG

As it is Friday time for the previously mentioned Penguin picture from Birmingham Museum.

Dominicans in Feathers, H.S. Marks

A bad photo of Henry Stacey Marks' "Dominicans in Feathers" (click for a better pic)

There are much better pics and some information at the Birmingham Museum website.

The painting is called “Dominicans in feathers” and is by Henry Stacey Marks. Wikipedia informs me he was a nineteenth century artist who specialised in painting birds. This painting is gently comic, but the title suggests a more satirical intent. He seems to have gone for interesting titles, “A Select Committee“, and “Convocation” are two other works showing birds.

The painting is hung above the archway where the stairs from the entrance opposite the Pallisades. This seems a very unsympathetic hanging for a painting of penguins: surely a crowd pleaser. (Given I know the @BM_AG twitter feed picked up on my last post I wonder if they have a response to this. They also recently tweeted a source of penguin pictures closer to my home which I will return to soon, thanks for that.)

Can’t go wrong with penguins.


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