Why the money men on Arsenal’s board need to worry

The picture on this post was taken a few minutes before kick off at this evening’s Arsenal game against Shrewsbury Town. It did fill a little more, but this was the emptiest the stadium has been.


The board need to take note: continue to play badly and the crowds will drop. You can’t milk the cash cow when it is as unwell as Arsenal.

One advantage of missing the second half of conference due to work is that I made it to the game this evening having missed a few due to weddings.

Shrewsbury started in a lively way, and Arsenal were wasteful of chances. When the Shrews scored I felt it was going to be one of those days. Don’t believe the BBC write up which gives the impression it was all Shrewsbury until we equalised.

In the end two errors by the Shrewsbury keeper let Gibbs equalise and the impressive Oxlade-Chamberlain give us a lead. Both shots could have been saved.

The Shrews matched us in the first half, but it was a fatal error. By the hour they were exhausted and 2-1 down. The third goal made it comfortable.

There were jitters, but the team did a job. However it doesn’t hide the problems.

Next up a six-pointer against Bolton. If we don’t win that then we are in a relegation scrap. Chatting at half time I wasn’t the only fan thinking about Brian Clough’s final season at Forest…


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