Previous whipping boys

As readers of this blog will know I am an Arsenal fan, and as you can guess this weekend hurt. What made it really hurt is that it wasn’t unexpected. I was lucky that a family celebration meant I was unable to watch the game, but did mean I was subject to the worst form of abuse in these situations: sympathy from fans of other clubs!

Various places ran lists of other premiership whippings (such as this one by ITV), and I wondered what happened to the poor victims of such games: It takes a lot to bounce back from 8 goals psychologically.

So here we are then, since the PL begun five other teams have shipped 8 in a game (I ended up using the wikipedia page on highest defeats as a source)

1. Man Utd 9 Ipswich 0 (March 1995)
Ipswich finished bottom and were relegated.

2. Tottenham 9 Wigan 1 (November 2009) and Chelsea 8 Wigan 0 (May 2010)
Incredibly Wigan finished 16th, and stayed up 6pts above the drop.

3. Newcastle 8 Sheff Wed 0 (September 1999)
Wednesday finished 19th, one above bottom, and were relegated.

4. Nottm Forest 1 Man Utd 8 (February 1999)
Forest finished bottom and were relegated

5. Middlesborough 8 Man City 1 (May 2008)
Man City finished 9th, above Boro.

So it doesn’t look good for a top four finish now does it. We have set a record, first team to score 2 whilst letting in 8. Joy.

To add to that joy, it now appears that to strengthen the defence that was humiliated yesterday Wenger has agreed to seel Traore to QPR. Good luck to the kid, he’s always worked hard in red and white, and if it wasn’t today I’d not bat an eyelid but… he was the best fit full back available to us yesterday and that hasn’t changed: IN FACT WE’VE LOST ANOTHER FULL BACK TO A BAN! The rumoured signing of yet another striker to sit on the bench and watch hasn’t finialised either.

Remember United are missing several players and lost another to injury during the game. Any Arsenal fan saying it’s OK it was a depleted team need to remember it was the best team we could play, and that is damning.

This isn’t going to be the worst result of the season for Arsenal. I can see Spurs licking their lips at the thought of bashing us up. I am not even sure we’ll beat Swansea.



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4 responses to “Previous whipping boys

  1. Thanks a bundle for that list. I just wish someone would let in 10 so Ipswich lost this particular record. I’ll just have to go and watch a re-run of a certain cup-final to aid my recovery now. I suggest you go and watch a different one.

  2. Today, I heard someone say that this game shouldn’t have been 8-2, it should have been 10-6 – I’m notsure that’s any consolation if you’re an Arsenal fan. What should be of (some) consolation was the shot count (23-16 I believe in the Mancs’ favour) which doesn’t really add up to 8-2.

    What does that lead us to believe ? Arsenal’s defence is awful – clearly. Had Arsenal not had Vermaelen, I think Lliverpool might have 4 or 5 as well !! That’s the obvious place that needs addressing. They need Song, Vermaelen as well as another centre-back and the full-backs (Sagna and Gibbs) to be fit.

    Final consoling point – if van Persie had converted the penalty ? Different game – you could almost see the confidence evaporate from Arsenal shoulders as De Gea made the save.

    • Thanks for the comments.

      I’d not quibble with the comments about defence. Vermaelen I rate as a player and is about the only player who shows leadership at the back. Koscielney and Djourou I’m worried about. With Vermaelen alongside they look OK, but together are a disaster. We need another centre back. Mertesacker looks ideal, but I’m not going to get overexcited until he signs.

      I don’t think the shot count is much consolation: whilst it is an improvement from the never shoot team of last season the quality of strikes wasn’t really there. I’m also not convinced that 1-1 would have been a different story, but it is a nice straw to clutch at!

      We also need to do something about discipline. I’ve got Arsenal blinkers and even I have to say that something is wrong.

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