Another Arsenal moan (sorry)

At the end of last season Arsenal announced a price hike for this year. An above inflation increase in season tickets and day tickets. We now have probably the most expensive tickets in the league. Obviously this is needed as we need to raise revenue to fight against clubs which don’t need to worry about income.

Don’t expect me to like it though. In fact I’d question it’s justification but… Another day.

The fans were also concerned at the end of last season about our defence. Everyone agreed it needed to be strengthened, and leadership was needed. Vermaelen had been missed.

We are now 8 days from the end of the transfer window.

Good news: we’ve signed a defender. One. We’ve also sold one. We purchased Jenkinson who had only played in tier 2, and sold an international full back. Strengthened?

In fact we’ve signed four players, of whom one looks like a first teamed (Gervinho) and three are teenagers.

We paid a rumoured £15m+ for a player who has had one decent season in the third tier of English football.

In exchange we’ve lost put club captain and arguably our best player last season. We’ve lost Eboue, for all whose faults was a very useful player who could fill in gaps at, and obviously I mention this arbitrarily, full back. Oh wait it wasn’t arbitrary we don’t have two fit first team full backs.

This is unforgivable. Clichy went ages ago. We knew we needed more defenders as well.

On top of that we still have Bendtner and Squillaci earning money out of my increased ticket costs. That is adding insult to injury.

Every game Arsenal sell out 60,000 tickets. The cheapest of these is £30 (ignoring a few specials, but most are considerably more). That is £1.8m per match. Conservatively, and ignoring other match day revenues. That is at risk. The empty spaces are increasing, apparently sold but unused. This is worrying.

I don’t think Wenger is to blame, although I think a shake up of his coaching staff is essential. (Too many training and soft tissue injuries, not enough defensive drill…)

The new owner clearly doesn’t understand football.

Or worse maybe he does and any extra signings are conditional on qualifying for the CL?


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