Both the Premier League and I am back

Not that half the world cares about the former, and even less care about the latter.

There hasn’t been enough downtime between seasons: there were two weekends off between the World Cup final (11 July) and the Emirates cup (31st July), and a glance at Arsenal’s fixture list shows they were playing matches against Barnet and had their two games in Austria in that time. Too much footy for me. Am I getting old?

Anyway time for the usual preseason optimism, and a few predictions.

First, my optimism doesn’t extend to an Arsenal league win. It does tell me that Arsenal will finish above Spurs for the 16th season in a row. (I do not teach anyone who was alive when Spurs last finished above Arsenal!)

I am also not optimistic about the opening weekend. I’d settle for a draw, but that might be beyond us against a Liverpool team who ought to be fired up for the new manager.

Sticking my neck out: The league will be won by Manchester United. Chelsea will be second. Arsenal will get a champion’s league place, but will be out of the championship race by February. They may top the league in early December leading to me starting to think I’m wrong and we can do it.

The game I’m just watching will provide the fourth placed finish team. I hope it will be City and not Spurs. Today I am cheering on City. Also what are Autonomy doing sponsoring Spurs?

Relegation: haven’t a clue. Blackpool probably. Two others from the other two up, and the teams who got under 50 points last season.


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