Animation at Hay – probably last post

As well as the five that I’ve posted about so far (Yellow Sticky Notes, The Pearce Sisters, Pigeon Impossible, El Empleo and John and Karen) there were five others at the event which I haven’t managed to find online.

Fog (if I recall correctly) was an odd story about a mountain village being revived by capturing sheep that fly in the sky. The exploitation of the sheep brings affluence to the village, but then the sheep depart leaving the village depressed again.

I can’t recall the title of the film about a daughter who waited for her father to return from a rowing trip. A very sad but beautiful animation.

Another animation which I don’t recall the title of appeared to be a music video. A matchstick man travelled from a house, and ends up on a boat at sea. If anyone can find this animation from the description I’d like to know as I’d like to see it again. That actually goes for all four of these.

Finally was Operator. Our here calls directory enquiries to get God’s number and is put through. A lovely little conceit. Very nice little short that raises interesting questions and makes you smile.


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