For some reason I don’t feel so embarassed by the 4-1 defeat by Germany.

Overall it’s been a good knock out and quarter finals, with plenty of shocks. You have to feel sorry for Ghana, especially for Gyan. Gyan had been the best player for the (limited) parts I saw, but then missed the last second penalty.

The round of 16 saw 22 goals in 8 games, the quarters 9 in 3. Although the Spain-Paraguay game looks determined to make it 9 in 4. This is almost certainly enough to lift the tournament above Italia’90 (currently it has reached 2.2 assuming I’m right about the second half).

The dominance of South America has evaporated following the German and Dutch wins over the two favourites. I can’t see Uruguay beating the Netherlands given they scraped past Korea with a late goal, and needed luck and a shootout to beat Ghana. The Dutch are the only team with 100% record.

Don’t forget that the Dutch are the Unofficial World Champions (this tournament will reunify the titles for the first time since 1998 (in 2002 and 2006 the UWC’s didn’t qualify)).


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