The Big Bang (Series Finale)

Well it was good, but it could have been better. I really enjoyed that, but the wife was less convinced and a lot of what she said rang true (and is below). OK, we haven’t been told what was going on, but the Doctor and his pals have saved the universe for another day (or should that be another infinite continuum).

I should warn that spoilers follow.

I didn’t see the link between what the Doctor said about the tardis and the famous rhyme that allowed Amy to remember it. Very nicely done.

The fossil Daleks were nice, and having a Dalek plead for its life was unexpected.

The sequence before the the credits was brilliant.

I like the 2000 year old centurion too.


The jumping about in time worked and was good fun, but… usually the Doctor can’t do this (Earthshock), the universe may be small but where was the penalty for him? This is too easy. Similarly just using the sonic screwdriver to let Rory open the Pandorica felt like a cop out. The wife thought that maybe his jumping about could have been the cause of the cracks: the baddies were right he was the cause. (Of course they may still be right.)

How they get Amy back was also a cop out. To give it the benefit of the doubt we still don’t know why the cracks followed Amy. That the cracks were the Doctor unravelling doesn’t explain why they only appeared in this season. I do hope we revisit that. We still need to know why Amy is so important: why did the crack appear in her room.

Come to that we have absolutely no idea why the Tardis behaved as it did. None at all. Unless I missed something.

I enjoyed the further references to other British SciFi. I wonder what I missed but I spotted Red Dwarf (jump starting the second big bang with starbugthe Tardis), and H2G2/Douglas Adams (but can’t remember what it was…).

I also felt it was all getting a bit messianic with all three of Amy, Rory and the Doctor sacrificing themselves to save each other and the universe. Oh and then rising from death (x2) or the void (x1).

I’m keen to read the views of other bloggers


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