Why are all LibDem bloggers also SciFi fans

There does seem to be a Dr Who theme amongst LibDems of a certain age. How many of the LibDem bloggers write about Dr Who? I know of many non-blogging activists who are similarly afflicted.

Anyway me too. Although I am an amateur next to my wife, and she confesses to the same amateur status when compared to Millenium Elephant‘s daddy who knows everything. I’m, sadly, very impressed by his analyses.

I really enjoyed Saturday’s episode and can’t wait for the next one. Spoilers now follow.

The wife and I discussed possible ways out of the hole that we’ve been written into and they all seem to point to Amy.

I reckon she’s a timelord. My wife reckon she’s the Doctor’s Daughter from The Doctor’s Daughter. This will allow her to regenerate.

Unfortunately I think my wife might be right: Moffat asked that the DD not be killed, and it’d explain the strength of the Doctor’s reaction to Amy’s pass at him. I’d rather it was the Rani. I’m not keen on the DD to be honest.

The other possibility is that Amy’s house could be a Tardis. The Lodger hinted at a building that was wrong being a Tardis, and the Doctor challenged Amy on this point last night (“too many rooms”, “nothing in your life makes sense”). This also allows a Tardis to explode without removing Tardis access from the Doctor. How many times can I write Tardis in such a short paragraph? It would also explain the door: “perception filters” were mentioned in the Eleventh Hour about one door in her house, and were also in The Lodger. I’ll admit I checked the former.

The house being Amy’s Tardis would also explain why the cracks follow Amy.

I did for a while think we were just in Amy’s head but that leads to a disappointing “it was all a dream” ending. Caron’s Musing suggest another way we can get a cop out ending linking back. I think we can rule both out.

Or is Amy part of the trap? Is that why nothing makes sense? If so why do the Autons kill her?

Now I’m looking forward to being proved totally and utterly wrong. I’m wishing my life away again. In the meantime here is some football.


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