Why report this press release…

Compare this press release from the Unite website with the BBC article on the subject.

This is a major victory for Unite’s spin doctors, as they are dictating words being spoken on BBC Radio news this morning by the journos themselves.

Where is any attempt at balance like

  1. pointing out that the man in question is effectively one of Labour’s biggest donor giving about £3m a year since 2007 (itself an example of the Telegraph swallowing a press release whole, this time from the Tories), or
  2. that Unite actively campaigned for Labour in the election, or
  3. that this is the union which is behind the BA dispute (or others), or
  4. that Unite is the largest public sector union and may have vested interests here, perfectly legitimate ones but one that should be stated nonetheless, or
  5. any attempt to get a LibDem reaction, or
  6. any critical engagement with the claims?

Lazy journalism strikes again. You have to be impressed that Unite got the release swallowed “hook, line and sinker” by the BBC.

I’m off to rant and rave.


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