Cuts that are and cuts that aren’t

Well we knew whoever won it’d happen: the cuts begin.

And of course the people who did so much to get us into this mess aren’t going to admit that, not after the new government has had literally weeks to settle in and sort out the mess.

But I do find Labour’s “anger” about the North Tees and Hartlepool hospital almost comical in the hypocrisy stakes. Labour said they would spend £450m on this in an attempt to shore up the vote in the area. (Which didn’t fully work. I imagine the new Conservative MP for Stockton South not be best pleased.)

This is an idea. Not a hospital. There are nice pictures drawn by architects but no constructions. It is to replace exisiting hospitals. Cutting it does not affect anyone’s health care. Except the little model people who now won’t be used in the scale model.

Labour are playing opportunistic opposition. Fair enough but don’t expect to convince anyone. Perhaps engagement in the problem might be a better option. If we can’t cut something suggest alternatives.


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