More world cup woes: How to decide who to support in a random game

So you have a game, lets say Honduras v Chile. Obviously you’ll be watching it because it is on TV/Radio/t’Internet. But who do you support?

You don’t have any grandparents from Honduras or Chile. None of your club team play for the countries, and none of their big rivals players do either. You’ve never visited either, or met anyone as far as you know from the countries. None have a particular history against your first choice nations. You don’t have either in the sweepstake, and the match prediction game you entered you are already last in…


My wife suggests

  • Whose manager has the worst suit
  • The goalkeeper with silliest (“most original”) hair (Algeria!) or worst keeper kit (D Seaman for England in the Refresher kit)
  • Team whose kit is most like your favourite team’s kit
  • Team who look most like Harchester Utd
  • Players with most/least/biggest/silliest hair
  • Best national anthem (I’d say “shortest”)
  • Team with most players with the same surname (a good way to chose one of the Koreas)

I’d go for the country with most Liberal MPs if I could be bothered to look it up.


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