World Cup Woes

I’m currently watching Serbia v Ghana. It is 0-0. I’ve watched a lot of football, and I know most games in the opening days of tournaments are disappointing but…

We’ve had lots of hype about the ball being a problem for keepers (I guess it must deform in odd ways that interact with the spin) but it has actually been worse for the attackers.

When I agree with the ITV pundits that a free kick that only just missed the target is the best we’ve seen so far it isn’t good!

In the 6 games so far we’ve had 8 goals, an average of 1.3 per game(see footnote).

In complete tournaments the worst was Italia ’90 at 2.2. Almost an extra goal. The first 7 games of that tournament yielded 20 goals, nearly 3 per game. That was helped by two mismatches (Czechoslovakia 5-1 USA and West Germany 4-1 Yugoslavia. Hmmm… only one of those countries exists today.)

I hope it catches fire soon but I’m pessimistic.

In other news ITV’s apology for making HD viewers (of which I am not one) miss England’s opening goal was pathetic. Not good enough. Much in line with the rest of their football coverage.

Footnote: I know it is 1 1/3 or 1.3333333…. but meh.


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