STV considered… normal? (somewhere!)

There is a nice article on STV by an Irish political activist over at Libdem Voice.

Whilst no voting system is perfect, indeed it is impossible to invent one which is (see below), STV has many nice features and the article us written by someone with experience of the system.

That’s one key feature of STV conservatives (small c, many are in the Labour party too) miss: it is being used successfully in other places. Heck it is being used in the UK: in Scottish Councils and in NI’s Euro elections. It isn’t a dangerous experiment.

Currently we have a system that gives a landslide to a party polling under 40% of the votes cast. ConLab get 86% of the seats for 67% of the vote. That means just under half the seats haven’t changed hands since 1970 (40 years), and just over 1 in 4 (29%) haven’t changed since 1945.

This isn’t healthy: it leads to a sense of entitlement that explains the ConLab attitude to the other parties. Why don’t we know our place and accept the crumbs? A sense of entitlement that creates the expenses system.

For those who want to know why you can’t gave a perfect election system have a look at wikipedia’s article on voting systems.


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