Lords reform 12 years in

So what have Labour done in the decade they have been in power to enhance deomcracy?

Good (but could be better): Welsh assembly, Scottish parliament using Some PR.

Better than what was before: London assembly.

Bad: party list for Euros.

Totally rubbish: the House of Lords.

A decade of an allegedly progressive government with huge majorities had no sense of what it wanted to replace our bizarre second chamber with? Are we really meant to believe that? Surely Blair or Brown could have found some vision they found attractive from the possibilities. They didn’t.

To me this means they actually want what we have now: a chamber of appointees who owe their Partymachines their position, and no one else. Their only concern, a reasonable one, was to remove the in built Tory majority of the hereditary. That isn’t the only problem with the Lords.

We now have a mess. Undemocratic, unaccountable to the people, and controlled by the control freaks. The Tories seem to want to return the hereditaries, though whether they’ll risk it is another thing.

Another item on the charge sheet for the 1997-2010 goverments.


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