Tory teachers

The Tories needed an eye catching idea: only the best teaching maths!

How will they know? Rule out people with only a third and discourage non-specialists.

Oh dear. It might help if more Tory MPs (and to be fair other parties too) sent their kids to state schools. Then they might know that:

  1. There is a shortage of maths teachers. Reducing the pool isn’t wise.
  2. OK not everyone who’d like to teach us suitable: but having a first or a PhD doesn’t make you able to teach.
  3. Some pupils respond better to teachers with backgrounds in engineering rather than maths per se

Everyone and his dog has pointed out that the Tories beloved Carol Vorderman would be excluded by this rule (although that would be a good thing, arithmetic isn’t the totality of maths). As it is funny I’ll do so as well: the suggested rule would exclude the Tories maths education expert.

If the Tories want to improve teaching then they should just focus on gradually raising the pay if teachers so it becomes more attractive, recognise the vocational nature if teaching to many of the best teachers, and leave the profession to settle down after 20 years as a political football.

Most teachers would appreciate a few years without changed to qualifications, inspection regime and increased paperwork. Not trying to privatise schools and reduce T&Cs (the reason for academies) would be a bonus.


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