New candidate in Cambridge

I must be honest: I am a LD activist and not a neutral commentator.

I was at the selection and the person who was by far the best candidate won: Julian Huppert.

His speach came last when we were all tired and feeling politic-ed out and yet it energised the hall. It lifted me. Made me want to get out there and, erm, deliver leaflets.

The sentiment was that we had 6 excellent candidates who would all make excellent MPs yadda yadda. This may be true but wasn’t shown on the night. One candidate I felt would do well suffered from nerves, another fell flat, a third over ran: a dreadful sin. I won’t say who as they will know who they are and I know they will do better in future. All 5 who didn’t make it would make excellent MPs and shouldn’t give up.

However I will say that at least one ought to think carefully about whether Cambridge is the right city for them.

Imagine pigs flying…
I do hope that if we get STV that they will come forward as our second/third etc candidates.
End flying pigs.

What I expected to be a draining and rather tiresome evening was actually excellent. Cambridge seems to have a talented local party.


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